Waide Aaron Riddle is An Award Winning Writer 2019 LA Live Film Festival

WAIDE AARON RIDDLE is an award-winning American poet, author, playwright & screenwriter. 

Many of his literary works are archived at UCLA Library of Special Collections, Poets House/NYC & the Simon Wiesenthal Center/Museum of Tolerance in Beverly Hills.

He is a Texas native; raised in Spring Branch/Houston.

He has won over 30 awards in the Literary Arts. His poems Two Men Kissing & Something Wicked Dwells have received critical reviews and praise.

His children’s long-form poem The Chocolate Man: A Children’s Horror Tale was sponsored by the Wonder of Reading Program/Los Angeles, performed at Los Angeles County schools in 2002-2006 & reviewed as a ‘Children’s Classic’ by the Cleveland State University Press. 

Waide’s feature screenplay Dear Tom Hardy: I Love You has won a staggering 17 screenwriting awards. His other feature award-winning screenplays include Meet Me at 3rd & Fairfax & What Boyfriends & Girlfriends Do

He is a Features writer for the NoHo Arts District News: http://www.nohoartsdistrict.com/entertainment-all/the-lines.

All of Mr. Riddle’s titles can be purchased at:  http://www.amazon.com/author/waideriddle .

Social Media includes:





Waide is FB Administrator of – Ryan Gosling: The Most Handsome Conglomerate in The World & Dear Tom Hardy: I Love You

Mr. Riddle is represented as a Screenwriter by ATN Entertainment/Hollywood 

He is a proud Member of SAG/AFTRA & Sundance Association For Country-Western Dancing/SF

You may reach him directly: [email protected].

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