Simona Milinyte

Simona Milinyte – Simonna is a singer, actress, voiceover artist and media personality born in Lithuania. She is living in Los Angeles now. She had her radio show, national tour, 2 albums. Simonna’s self titled perfume line is coming up. She participated in the biggest music contest in Europe – Eurovision National election and in the National Final came 7th. Simona Milinyte also has finished New York Film Academy “Acting for film”. Simonna has a degree in Communications, which makes her unique in this industry because, she is willing to work so hard to put her project’s name’s out into the public of her hundreds of thousands of fans on Twitter, Instagram and plenty more. Celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Paris Hilton, Seth Rogen follows her on twitter and Instagram. Simonna has also booked many new roles for the upcoming years, due to her commitment and dedication to her craft.

Simonna is playing a lead role in new TV comedy series (for major network consideration), series regular animation series voiceover, lead in a horror thriller “The Blackstone” movie where Simona transformed into a ghostly woman. Also acting in the drama “Hollywood Rooftop” which is directed by Brett Leonard who did a movie with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. There will be two versions of this movie : 2D and Virtual reality version.

People, Entertainment Weekly, Yahoo Celebrities, LA Times, BBC wrote about Simonna. Simonna is a lead in a new short movie “Robot Romance” with Golden Globe winner, Oscar nominee for the Best actress Sally Kirkland. Simonna is a guest star in “NCIS: Los Angeles” season finale episode.

Over 423k followers on Twitter, 212K followers on IG! She is #777 most popular person on Twitter. Simonna is getting over 2.7 million views on her Twitter profile. One of the music videos (with Harry Potter movies star) Her music – backstage video:

Here is some of her work other work: Animation series Maui Kitty’s Day Play (series regular, voiceover), horror movie”The Blackstone” (lead role / the main ghost); Horror Thriller “The Great Illusion” (With Selma Blair, Graham Greene); “Robot Romance” with Golden Globe winner, Oscar nominee for the Best actress Sally Kirkland;Guest star in “NCIS: Los Angeles” season finale; ‘Hollywood Rooftop” (Director is Brett Leonard who directed movie with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe), Detectives/Crime short movie’ inSANE’ , upcoming comedy episodes “First Month Is For Free”; “Mirroring Michael Jackson”; “Jesus And The Others” (with Golden Globe Winner Peter Coyote); “Due Justice” (with Steve Guttenberg and Tara Reid); horror movie “Last One Standing”, medieval times era movie “Rose in The Flame”; “Justice with Judge Mablean”, crime drama “Chaaw” and etc.

To date, she’s released two albums, “12” and “Simonna”. In addition to all this, Simonna also has California State University certification for Victim Advocacy and Bachelor of Arts of Communication university degree.

Simonna has been in 56th, 57th, 58th Grammy’s consideration list. Simonna’s new singles Say to Me, Rush for love, My Eyes on You came out on her official VEVO channel and is being played by radio stations, clubs worldwide. New music video featuring “Harry Potter” actor Devon Murray has been announced with trailer . Music video was released In 2017 on VEVO, MTV channels.

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