Deven “Mr.Hollywood” Powers

Deven “Mr.Hollywood” Powers is currently the Host of The LA Live Film Festival 2018, 2019 & 2020 . He’s also The Founder & CEO of Black Film Festival Los Angeles. When it comes to the high lyfe Deven is living up to it, you can catch Mr.Hollywood on the cover of High Lyfe Magazine’s highly anticipated upcoming Hollywood Issue. When Deven’s not gracing the cover of magazines, or hosting Redcarpets he’s hosting “The Mr.Hollywood Tv Show” airing on At&t U-Verse ch 99, Charter Spectrum Ch.32 & now Amazon Prime in Jan 2020. Mr Hollywood is becoming a voice. Hes the host of the upcoming docu series American Icons Airing on Amazon This spring.

On February 27th 1983

 Born Deven Lavale Purifoy In San Bernardino California; the 10th of 14 children. His father was a Pastor and his mother is a great gospel singer. Mr.Hollywood started playing the drums at 9 yrs of age, at 13 he was given his very 1st drum set by a member of the Legendary Gap Band. At 13 Deven became California’s State drummer in his church congregation. During his freshman year at Rancho Verde High School in Moreno Valley CA Deven joined the marching band. Which went on to win several Championships.

At 16 He started recording skits with his siblings and it was at this time that he gave his life to God. However, dispite a solid upbringing and positive influences. Deven had some troubled teenage years.He had a hard time fitting in with his peers, so he started skateboarding as a means of getting away from his day to day struggles. When Deven was 19 things took a turn for the worse. He turned to drugs, and crime as a means to get by. His criminal activity lead to a 9 1/2 year prison sentence. Which he served from ages 19-27.While behind bars Deven Choose to fill his time with creative pursuits by writing Poetry, Rhymes & More Than 20 + Movie Scripts. Deven was released from prison in November shortly after his release from prison Deven began working on Tv and Commercial sets as a extra. In 2011 Deven relapsed and returned back to prison for 1 year sentence. Upon his release in 2012 he vowed never to return again and has stuck to his word. During his second stint in prison Deven gained a passion for writting rhymes, But It wasnt until 2015 when he decided to pursue a career in music. In 2016 when Deven then known as Skater Dee got his 1st break with his hit music video Rick James which happened to land a spot on FMHD’s Hella old School. In 2017 Deven was given yet another break this time it was with CNBC kcaa radio. He was offered a job as the host of “World Wide Mixed Radio Show”. In 2018 his previous work on cnbc kcaa radio led to a job as a host on Dash Radios “the Kaliente Show” which was short lived, during his stint on Dash Deven made several connections he got an invite to attend the 2018 LA Live Film Festival to work the red carpet. Not knowing this was going to be a life changing event. ready to leave his artistic mark on the history of Entertainment.

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