Chantelle Albers Actress & Producer LA Live Film Festival

Chantelle Albers Actress & Producer

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  Though now mainly a film actress, Chantelle has an extensive theatre background

that includes musical theatre, summer stock,

and straight plays with villainous character roles, strong leading lady,

and quirky physical comedy being some of her favorite.

Starting off in stage and studying in the advanced Meisner and Stausberg classes,

Chantelle developed a vast array of characters

and developed deep passion for both comedy and drama.

After getting her B.F.A. in Theatre Performance and relocating to Los Angeles,

she transitioned to film and television and began advancing her skills

with stage combat and firearms.

To broaden herself even further she also developed a strong passion and love for comedy,

bringing a touch of love-able quirk to some of her characters for film and TV.

She studied at Second City and with Leslie Kahn & Company where she honed these comedic skills even further and continued to perform in television comedies,

commercials, and late night sketch comedy shows. Having a strong love for the scene study training in her B.F.A program, Chantelle began studying with Joe Palese at The Actor’s Space where she found her creative home for several years. 

Joe and his gift of teaching and acting will forever be cherished and missed by his countless students. 

She also found a mentor and teacher in Carmen Argenziano at The Actor’s Studio, whom she would train with for a private coaching,

and will be cherished and missed dearly.

 Having a passion for filmmaking, Chantelle decided to expand her skills beyond acting and started producing feature films as well as plays.

 This is something she now loves and is very dedicated to, as Chantelle is a big advocate of artists being able to create their own art with their own artistic input.

 The 6th Friend was her producing debut and it’s something that has sparked a wave of new opportunities in the producing world, as well as the acting world.

 She still has a deep love for theatre, and has been seen around Los Angeles performing at Theatre of Note’s main stage, The Broadwater Theatre’s Late Night Shows, and The Actor’s Studio.

 She also is very passionate about charity work, and is a volunteer and foster for The Little Red Dog Foundation in Orange County, where dogs are rescued and brought to their forever homes. 

 Animal rights is something Chantelle is very passionate about and it’s something she would like to start a foundation for in the future.

 Growing up on a ranch, some of her favorite things are: western horseback riding, water tubing, swimming in a lake, hiking, the ability to create art, singing, live music, and her dog Marley and her dog Eddie whom she rescued off the street in East Hollywood. She’s also an avid reader, tea drinker, and a member of SAG/AFTRA.

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