Ashleigh Harley Film Director

Ashleigh’s multi-award winning fantasy short film THE WALL OF LYON and pop song JUDGE ME has won over 40+ awards and accolades on the international festival circuit. 

Her exciting career began at the young age of 12 when she began writing and crafting the epic universe of The Wall of Lyon; the prelude to a unique, action-charged series expanding time, space and all of human history to culminate into the mystery of The Messenger Cycle.

To help her craft her unique fantasy world Ashleigh delved head first into the world of film-making and spent years behind the camera, directing, writing and composing music and appearing on the silver screen to act in short and feature films. A BAFTA Mentorship and later graduation from a much sought-after place at the National Film and Television School’s residential program set the pace for Ashleigh’s career as she launched into a BBC Internship and mixed music at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios. Her first pop song JUDGE ME, written as part of The Wall of Lyon short film went on to great success receiving over 70,000 downloads and numerous awards all over the world as it aired on BBC airwaves for the first time in April of 2018. 

Since the early roots of Ashleigh’s career The Wall of Lyon has evolved into an epic feature film script that illuminates an exciting new message. Based on the multi-award winning short, discover the truth of what lies beyond The Walls.

In the midst of chasing the dream Ashleigh has acted on over ten films, modelled on the catwalk of London Alternative Fashion Week, and has appeared in interviews, press, radio, red carpet receptions and premiered her work at some of the world’s most prestigious festivals.

Ashleigh embarks on a new journey, a #SECRETPROJECT that aims to shine the light on something she has been reluctant to face. To discover the truth, join Ashleigh on her new venture.  

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